Journey: the art of moving towards

Journey: the art of moving towards

Sunday, April 30, 2006


Sunday, April 30, 2006


"What is hell? . . . The suffering of being no longer able to love." Fyodor Dostoyevsky

With the movie release of "United 93" and the attention being given immigration, life has been filled with non-stop conversations about terrorism, Islam, Christianity, war, patriotism, "the other" and what is means to live in a Global community.

Honestly, I do not have much to say about it right now. Right now I am still chewing on the word "blessed" that orchestrates the song of the Beatitudes. For some reason I believe I need to digest it before anything worthwhile comes out.

I confess that there is a minute or two of every day that I mumble to God, let us (the USof A, UK, Iraq, Mexico, Sudan, ect.) be blessed. "Blessed" as noun and not verb. Let us not constantly ask you to bless what we want to do or who we want to be, but let us participate in what you have already blessed. (wish I could say it was an original prayer, but this is straight up Bono). Please leads us towards a suffering of loving You and our neighbors too much, away from suffering of being no longer able to love.

Lead me. . . lead us. Change me . . . change us.

Friday, April 28, 2006


Friday, April 28, 2006

Current mood: Divinely discontent or merely crazy, not too sur

So . . . April 17, I began a simplicity fast with my good friend Lisa from way back. A number of things inspired the move towards embracing the simple life . . . whatever that means as I type away at my office computer, mobile in hand and $40 bracelet resting ever so nicely on my wrist . . . but at the heart of it all is a book called, "The Irresistible Revolution."

It is written by a guy named Shane Claibourne, who happens to be one of the most beautiful individuals I have meet in my life. Authentic, thoughful, bold, cool but above all things a ragamuffin seeking to be faithful in his love for God and neighbor.

With every page read, God wrecks my life. Destroys it! However I seem to be a pretty good fighter because I always manage to hold to the pieces, that I would probably do good to let go.

So I picked up Shane's book today, set on making my way through the last 3 chapters of the book (pick it up and you know why it takes discipline to merely read it). It is as haunting as it is beautiful. Once I place the book down I am haunted by God the rest of the day . . . week . . . month . . .

I often get from people, stranger and friend alike, "Lanecia, just chill. It is not that serious." I have learned that there is wisdom in the "chill" suggestion, however I not totally sold on the "it is not that serious" part.

In all things balance is necessary I guess. Hopefully the next 2 months and 2 weeks will help me find just that. Cause right now I am haunted by the fact that each time I pull out my ipod, get in my car, rest nicely in on my warm couch, sip on my specialty coffee from Fido and eat my dinner after watching the news I am saying something. It does always say something ugly, but I must confess that it does not always speak beautifully either.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

to know

Long ago, in Kentucky, I, a boy, stood
By a dirt road, in first dark, and heard
The great geese hoot northward.

I could not see them, there being no moon
And the stars sparse. I heard them.

I did not know what was happening in my heart.**

....and I longed to know the world's name."***

-Robert Penn Warren

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Evoking the Mystery

"Art evokes the mystery without which the world would not exist."
Rene Magritte

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Message in a Bottle

I can take risks or always wonder...Take the risks!

Monday, November 14, 2005

The Sanctity of the Ordinary

"Nothing will sustain you more potently than the power to recognize in your humdrum routine, as perhaps it may be thought, the true poetry of life-the poetry of the commonplace, of the ordinary man, of the plain, toil-worn woman with their loves and their joys, their sorrows and their griefs."

Sir William Osler

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Poem by Maya Angelou

By Maya Angelou

When I say... "I am a Christian"
I'm not shouting "I'm clean livin'."
I'm whispering "I was lost,
Now I'm found and forgiven."

When I say... "I am a Christian"
I don't speak of this with pride.
I'm confessing that I stumble
and need Christ to be my guide.

When I say... "I am a Christian"
I'm not trying to be strong.
I'm professing that I'm weak
And need His strength to carry on.

When I say... "I am a Christian"
I'm not bragging of success.
I'm admitting I have failed
And need God to clean my mess.

When I say... "I am a Christian"
I'm not claiming to be perfect,
My flaws are far too visible
But, God believes I am worth it.

When I say... "I am a Christian"
I still feel the sting of pain.
I have my share of heartaches
So I call upon His name.

When I say... "I am a Christian"
I'm not holier than thou,
I'm just a simple sinner
Who received God's good grace, somehow!